Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Mungkin Allah ingin mengajar nilai syukur,
lalu ditimpakan kesusahan.
Mungkin Allah ingin mendidik hati dengan sabar,
lalu diberikan ujian.
Mungkin Allah ingin melatih rasa rendah diri,
lalu diberikan kegagalan.
Mungkin Allah ingin menguji nilai cinta padaNya,
lalu diberikan cinta kepada duniawi.

Tidak diberikan sesuatu itu sia-sia.
Tidak dijadikan apa-apa pun tanpa sebab dan ibrah.

 Everything happen for a reason. ALLAH KNOWS BEST!

If you feel that you're very down,
Just close your eyes and say,

"This is my journey. He puts me here. Its His plan. So, I have just to carry on and trust Him. TQ Allah."

Don't despair over the event of the past for none of the events of the dunya were ever meant to remain.

If what's ahead scared you  and what's behind hurt you, then just look above, ALLAH never fails to help you.

"Past is Past"
It's okay to look back, but never hold back!

Never was easy..!

"Grow up, accept it..!"

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