Friday, 23 September 2016

my beloved oppa : G Dragon

i miss you
more today than i did yesterday.
but i'll miss you 
more tomorrow than i did today.

❤seni seviyorum❤

i just keep on trying but i dont know what for
cause trying not to love you
only make me love you more.

❤wo ai ni❤

i choose you.
and i'll choose you, 
over and over and over.
without pause, without doubt
in a heartbeat.
i'll keep choosing you.

and suddenly,
all the love songs were about you. dammit..

❤je t'aime❤

to my beloved dear ;
my handsome Prince ;

i lay in bed at night
unable to sleep 
thinking about you. 
and wonder if maybe
you're lying in your bed
unable to sleep
thinking about me..😄😄😄

❤ti amo❤

hey LOVE;

i will always be there for you
i will always be here with you
i will always love you.

❤ti quiero❤

"let it hurt. let it bleed. let it heal. and let it go."

if you fall.. I'll always be there for you!!

❤i love you❤

i have completely fallen for you,
everything you do,
everything you say,
everything you are.
i heart you.

yes, i heart you!

❤eu te amo❤

his smile.
his eyes.
his voice.
his laugh.
his warmth.
his existence.

❤saya cinta kamu❤

when it hurts to look back,
and you're scared to look ahead
you can look beside you
and i'll be there.


when people say " i love you"
i always say " i love you more"
because life is a competition and
i must win!! 

❤ich liebe dich❤

and even though
i'm unsure about most thing in life,
i am certain that I LOVE YOU and will continue to love you.

❤ana behibek❤

things i want;
1. You
2. you
3. and you

cause i love being in love with you!


hey hackers;
you're too much : messing up his life,
his privacy,
his love story,
and his sweeeeet smile
that literally the cutest thing
i have ever seen in my life.

Dear my lovely Oppa;
i know you' re feeling sad,
i know you're tired,
i know you' re in pain,
i know you're hurting,
yes, i know that.
because i'm hurt too.

it's ok. it's ok.
we have each other.
we can face anything!!